Charming the Highlander (Highlander Trilogy) - Janet Chapman I'm torn. I read time travels. I like the sub-genre. This just didn't feel like a time travel, mostly because it wasn't. Other than the prologue, and the occasional mention of time travel w/ regards to the father of the baby, it was straight up contemporary. It also managed to cram a whole lot into 4 days. Or was it 6. The author couldn't keep it straight how many days had passed in the adventure/story and there was so much going on that you couldn't keep it straight either.

Humor... was sparse. I know some have said this is a cute series but other than the (frequent) mention of the baby having 12 toes like his father... And everyone bursting in on the H/h while they were in bed...

Good points... in spite of the H's neanderthal-like origins, he managed not to act too cavemanish, yet still came across as v. alpha.

Complaint w/ author - books are not clearly labeled as to where they belong in series. Two were released within a month of each other apparently yet no mention is made anywhere as to reading order (I did go on the author's page finally to make sure I actually had book 1 and found it was book 2. Fortunately, I hadn't started it yet)