Tempting the Highlander - Janet Chapman Well, lessee... beyond the fuzzy math - H's dad TTed 35 years ago, H was born 30 years ago. H enlisted at 20. H spent 10 years in military. H got out 5 years ago "because dad wanted him to" (wasn't aware the military allowed that sort of thing).

Think author confused herself (sure confused me).

Also. Don't like to read romances featuring men (or women) whose childhood features too prominently in earlier books of series. Makes me feel a bit...like I'm reading my grown kid's diary and hearing about his/her sex life.

Abuse victim h makes up her mind to "get over" her fear because she's "letting herself be afraid". So now she can make whoopee. Yeah. I'll bet real life abuse victims get over things just because they decide to. You don't go from being so afraid you have panic attacks to "I'm not going to let my past bother me again" just because you decide to one day.

First book though of supposed time travel series where time travel actually takes place. Previous ones may feature TT Hs but since they'd had 5 years or more to acclimate, read more like straight contemporary with a tad of explaining to do.