Only With a Highlander - Janet Chapman It's... not bad actually. At least, until near the end when you discover the (young) h's (old) friend is her grandson (who travelled back to "assist" in getting his grandparents together...or was it to meet them.)

And then you realize the author managed to hoist herself from her own petard with the timeline...again. This is some 37 years after the original 10 TT'ed, as was noted in the book. In the first book, supposedly the H/h met in 2003 or so. And yet... there's no sign that technology has advanced in nearly 40 years. Further, the time-travelling grandson says it's the start of a new millennium. Unless, he was referring to a new beginning - i.e. two powerful Druidhs marrying and reproducing without losing their powers. If that's the case, perhaps the author should have been more clear. SOME people pick up on mistakes, real or apparent.