Adam (Nightwalkers, #6) - Jacquelyn Frank Surprisingly good. Far better than Noah anyway. Despite the paradox of a girl from the future going back in time to retrieve an uncle who'd disappeared and conveniently depositing him in position to prevent the deaths of her parents (which, btw, was why she went back in the first place; she was an orphan), and the mysterious appearance of a female who worked with the enemy just for the opportunity to remove her from existence, still v. good. The H adjusted v. well for someone who'd been yanked 400 years into the present time, the story flowed, and somehow it didn't occur to you until you'd put the book down that only 24 hours transpired in the story.

Oh, and that loose end known as Ruth was finally tied up (or encased in a prison of her own making)

And somehow you never really understand exactly what happened to Adam in the first timeline. He disappeared, but where did he go? Clearly not to where he was plunked down in the second timeline as the circumstances behind his being brought forward changed. Oh well; guess it wasn't important. Still weird.