Much Ado About Vampires (Dark Ones, #9) - Katie MacAlister I find myself needing to hunt down a short story to grasp who the h actually *is*. Am glad that Alex got a HEA, even though I wasn't excessively fond of the 2-parter he was introduced (that whole 2-parter thing, plus he and the h in those books were fooling around a bit). The heroine, for one so reluctant to accept that she was his Beloved, was downright over the top in her efforts to defend him.

This is a general gripe about the world building. The author has almost cherry picked amongst the various mythologies as to what exists and what doesn't. Consequently, we're told there isn't exactly a heaven and hell so much as a divine court and an underworld. We have demons but no angels. We have Loki, and a dragon god, but no others apparently. Even if you follow the series, you never know when something new is going to pop up to overwrite previous codes. I get that the series is written tongue in cheek (which is probably the only reason I can read it - a serious series as messed up as this would have me foaming at the mouth), but at some point, one must stop trying so hard to make up new stuff.