Deck the Halls - Fern Michaels, Linda Lael Miller, Lisa Jackson, Marcia Evanick, Virginia Henley I'd give it half a star but the last story wasn't too bad. One of the stories - the one by Lisa Jackson - has been recycled at least once before. Actually, according to the page with all the publishing info, all but two are recycled.

On to shredding the stories...

Fern Michaels' entry: Oh what a tangled web we weave. The H's grandma has been impersonating a bag lady and befriending the h. The H wants the H's property for some unexplained reason. He did a background check on her that the PI took a bit more seriously than necessary (I don't think it's necessary for a business owner to know that some veterinarian uses a diaphragm - at least unless he's actually involved with her), and his ex (married) wants him back. Some silliness...ok, a lot of silliness.

Lisa Jackson - recycled and I didn't like it that much the first time.

Linda Lael Miller - Ooogly. H/h had once been engaged. She sent ring back. He married another woman. Other woman died. Heroine comes back home, a month goes by. He gives her an engagement ring - the very one she'd sent back years before. Uhh...yeah... Either he recycled it with late wife, or he had it stashed in the back of a drawer somewhere in which case, poor late wife. Well, poor late wife either way. blargh.

Virginia Henley's entry: H (and I use that term loosely) is buying piece of property. Heroine (also used loosely) is realtor in charge of property. She's also seeing someone. H sees her as available simply because she's female. They get stranded at property. Woohoo ensues. Heroine's dad rides to the rescue. Heroine's dad doesn't like boyfriend and has no problem whatsoever with the possibility that daughter has cheated on him. Wonder if he'd feel the same way if H had set his eyes on *his* wife. Heroine feels no guilt and if it weren't for the occasional blush, I'd guess no shame.

Martia Evanick's entry was the one redeeming tale, but it wasn't nearly enough to save this turkey. At least I found it in the bargain bin.