the Strangely beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker - Leanna Renee Hieber So here's the deal, we spend the entirety of the book building up to this moment when the h, Ms Percy Parker, is announced as the one in the prophecy, only to, 50 pages (or less) from the end, have 5 of the 6 decide that no, it's this other female person who just conveniently manages to mold herself into the "ideal". You know that thing about Occam's Razor? Well, in the case of prophecy, one should be exceedingly cautious about the hoped for zebra - it might actually be a cape buffalo ready to run you through (or maybe it's a wildebeest to explain the stripes). In any case, what they were looking for was more of a unicorn, not a zebra so anything that appeared normal but convenient should have made them suspicious.

So my issue w/ this is the whole 50 pages from the end thing, coupled with the general lack of caution (the previous group of Guards were smarter) and... that love triangle thing there was just irritating.

Also, breathed to indicate a type of speech, while effective in small doses, becomes more of an irritant when used regularly. Also makes me picture the speaker as a bimbo who is attempting to sound like a little girl to increase her sex appeal.