Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione Heeeyyyyyy... not bad. I'd read a novella from this series and it sounded interesting so I decided to hunt down the series and read them. I've not had much luck with series of late but this one shows promise. Heroine had deep psychological issues w/ what had happened with her mom. While the whole "magic penis makes it all better now" cliche was used, it took a while and a bit of discussion on the part of the h before said "band aide" could work (earlier, he managed to leave her hanging and it was starting to give HIM a complex)

Alrighty then... I'm not excessively fond of demon worlds - some authors make it work better than others. This one...maybe. At least it's stated from the beginning that not all are bad (one series I read had them written as all bad for the first 3 or 4 books, then "oh. Wait. No. Some are actually nice" Hate that.). Also... interesting that the demons featured are incubus.