The Red Heart of Jade - Marjorie M. Liu First off, I'm liking the heck out of this series but... this installment had me as confused as the H/h were (what's going on?!)

So our H/h practically grew up together until... they were attacked while making out in the backseat of a car some creep decided to steal. Uh...yeah. Both were shot in the chest and somehow magically survived. Because you see, they couldn't die except by natural causes or their own hands or something like that. Strange. No- they didn't know about it. H, after tracking down creep and killing him, ran away. 20 years later, they're reunited and discover they both survived. What a coinkidink (autocorrect, I do know what I typed; stop correcting my slang. Thank you.)

So... the things I find myself liking about this series are... the stories flow. The characters are people who don't make you want to shoot them, and they relate well with each other. And somehow, in spite of the fact that I'm not overly crazy about psychics for no good reason as a basis for a series (I've read some incredibly stupid ones of late), I find myself looking forward to seeing what *this* character's powers are. Maybe in some ways, it's because this series reminds me somewhat of X-Men. Not sure. Some clearly have inherited their powers, most have taken a long time to get comfortable with them, and they're all careful about who they let know.