Mortal Seductions - Allyson James The last time I read a book with more than one wanker involved, it was LJ's Long Hard Ride. In that one, the whole smexing thing was treated with as much finesse as a plumber laying pipe (double entendre noted but not really intended). Since I just had my house replumbed (literal rather than euphemistic), I consider it more of a pain in the ass (again, double entendre noted but not inten-aw shit; giggle if you wish).

In this case, well, there's a bit more...romance I guess. And two of the participants are demigods, and one isn't really particular where he sticks things; just so Mr Happy is happy. Of course, the non-demigod is a shifter male who is heterosexual - at least until his run-in with the demigods. One of the demigods - the female - is sworn to celibacy. Of course, she's also a quarter demon and was originally bred(yes; bred) for the sole purpose of punishing adulterous men. Yeeaaahhh.... How she ended up celibate is because...she began seeing all members of the male species as adulterous dirtbags in need of a good spanking, so the other demigod was sent to trap her.

So those two have a history, and her boss set her up in that she was told to play matchmaker between a guy who would appeal to *her* and a girl who was in love with the guy's brother. Yep; by the time all is said and done, there isn't an orifice in the room that hasn't been plundered (poked, prodded, boinked, etc.) - at least amongst these three.

Why a 3? Well, I'm not a fan of menage (the book was on the bargain table and I'm a sucker for the cover model. Yeah I'm shallow, so shoot me), and I'm equally not a fan of m/m. So again, why a 3? Well, for all that it made me cringe, it didn't make my girly parts run for cover, and the parts NOT involving the exchange of bodily fluids were interesting. So either the surrounding story was interesting enough to pull up a 2, or the menage was enough to pull down a, well, lets say 3.5. Whatever the case, there you have it.