The Countess - Lynsay Sands Ms Sands' historicals are often hit or miss with me - either v. good, or v. bad. After the highlander trilogy recently offered (which included one of the very few books I DNFed), I was...hesitant with the Madison sisters. I'm glad to say this was actually v. good. Ok, I may go digging on the internet to see if cyanide was known about at the time, but other than that... the silliness you expect from Ms Sands felt right for the story, and was just enough, and the characters were intelligent (I really despise characters - usually heroines - who appear to be silly).

While most of the loose ends were tied up at the end, one remained; who was still trying to kill the H...or was their target his friend (featured in next book). That possibility was not addressed so this is speculation. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to reading of it.