The Last Twilight - Marjorie M. Liu Not the best of the series. First off, if I never read another romance featuring some semblance of bioengineered ebola, it'll be too soon. This is like the second one I've read in recent months and I could do without the whole "I think I'm infected" bit. Second off, as squicky as I found the sex in the first in the series (she went down on a tiger?! Come ON.), this was just plain nasty. Our H/h have been running for their lives for some 48 hours. In Africa. It's hot in Africa, and they've been running for their lives in the wilds. Alrighty then. She went down on him (pass the listerine man). Then I realize, he's a native Kenyan so in all likelihood, he ain't circumcised. Now I'm really gagging. All that stuff under the foreskin, plus lots and lots of sweat, dust, and God only knows what else. Yeeahhh.. Ok Ms Liu, I realize it's fantasy, but there are just some realities that intrude, violently, on my sensitivities.

Oh, and the man who can't die apparently (Broker), yet another lab (this is what - 3? and the second one trying to breed them). Yeah. Ok. Running that theme into the ground, aren't we? Is Broker dead, THIS time? I wonder.