In the Dark of Dreams - Marjorie M. Liu I think I would like this one if it were a little less convoluted. Ok, the h isn't actually a member of Dirk and Steel. Rather, she's from the original group - the one that's occasionally assisted. And the H isn't really a member either; he's just an exiled merman who somehow became bonded to her as a child (are mermen/maids ever children? Or are they fry?). And the bulk of the events are essentially sea politics. With one backstabbing "friend" who seems to have an inability to do anything productive with his life. Easier to feel sorry for himself, envy his friends, and well, try to kill them.

Highlight: Somehow, our H has managed to remain a virgin in spite of a) being sent mermaids to breed, being in prison for a year, being a bouncer, working at a brothel (to keep the girls safe). All because he was bonded to the girl (even though the bond was somewhat damaged by his family).