Enchanting the Beast - Kathryne Kennedy A cougar romance, and i don't mean shapeshifter, although the H was indeed a shifter. The h was 40 to his 27, and as disturbed by the age difference as I would be (guess I'm not cougar material). 'Course, unbeknownst to her (because apparently the H had a basic inability to recognize the why of his attraction), she was his beastie's mate so it all works out. Sortof. And at the heart of the mystery was his SIL who was cursed by the equivalent of the Hound of the Baskervilles in that what sounded like a hell hound would possess her body and rip people to shreds. Well, that and one of those relics this series seems to have been created around.

So how was it? Well, other than the fact that it apparently never occurred to our h who sees dead people to ask the ghost kid who followed her about the mysterious black dog or the deaths to see if there was a connection with the hauntings. Eh; was ok I suppose. The author has some hilarious situations/dialog but the world itself doesn't do a thing for me.