Enemy Lover - Karin Harlow Ok, I freely admit I don't particularly care for dark, grim doom and gloom tales. I also freely admit I bought it because of the cover, mainly, though the story did sound interesting. I should have followed my practice of skimming and sampling before purchase - I probably would have left it behind then.

So our h is a rape victim, and while she's still having (some) contact issues right up until tab a enters slot b, a rousting good orgasm courtesy of the magic penis cures everything. Reality check; it's gonna take more than 1 steamy night to stop making her flinch, even if it's just mentally.

And for the first half of the book, the author kept getting the characters mixed up.

Purple prose does not belong in a contemporary PNR suspense. Really - her waiting wantonness?

Over-utilizing the humble period and under-utilizing the comma leads to some weird sentences that don't make sense. (and some broken sentences).

And the biggie? The H/h spent 3/4 of the book playing each other. Then, when he found out she lied to him, he took her side (of course, his boss was lying through his teeth too but still...)