Lawe's Justice - Lora Leigh So as per usual, the Breed male attempts to put the mate in a cage. Well actually, it's more like control her life. See, in the real world, a man who tries to isolate and smother a woman in the guise of "protecting" her is considered unstable and the relationship is pretty much doomed to (eventually) lead to the woman's death due to him deciding that she's cheating on him or something. Ms Leigh's attempt to give this sort of thing a seal of approval often skeeves me a bit. At least this one didn't shred her clothes because he didn't like her tastes (one point in Mercury's tale that I can't forgive - shred my clothes and die). He still tried to undermine her authority, make her doubt herself, etc. As one reader I'm acquainted with would say, time for the skillet. (or in her case, the gun - a good kneecapping should do the trick)

Frankly, I wonder why I bother reading the Breeds series. Almost all of the men have had me fantasizing about the usage of banding pliers. Nothing like a domineering male asshole to make you consider a trip to the vet. Ironically, the only two Breed males who haven't made me think this, nobody else seems to like their books.

Also, as per usual, there are editing problems - just how long ago was it that the h was rescued, for example. At least one case, someone forgot to hit enter at the end of a paragraph, thus including another character's line. And of course, the sex scenes that I mostly skimmed because really, if she were THAT aroused and he were THAT aroused, they would have taken oh, about 30 seconds and a paragraph and a half, rather than a chapter and a half. Not to mention that whole step by step detailing of how she feels aroused just by seeing him. Yeah yeah yeah. She's aroused; we get it!

And then there's the whole Rachel thing. You know, there are mothers going through the loss of a child every day, from obvious illness. The child is odd; not sick, so stop worrying. Gaah!