Under a Vampire Moon - Lynsay Sands There were a lot of parts of this book that had me laughing out loud. I had to force myself to put the darned thing down and go to bed. So it's a huge winner in that area.

Weaknesses... I really don't like manipulative relatives and Marguerite really pushes it with her mind controlling.

Also, the series has hit that point where the author needs to draw up a genealogy chart for her characters and pin it over her desk for constant reference. There was a point where Jackie was substituted for Rachel (who I realize is forgettable but still) and later Vinnie magically was one of Marguerite's sons. Of course, Bastien got demoted to another position on the family tree briefly as well. Minor things but rather jarring to the die-hard with a memory like an elephant.

And finally, the h is extremely gullible to the point the reader questions her intelligence. Really, if someone told me that a man who'd been practically undressing me with his eyes was gay, my initial reaction would be to laugh in their face; not fall for it hook, line, and sinker. And while that misinformation provided some serious hilarity when the guy in question was told, it provided a lot of frustration for him and me as she continued to be so dense.