The Fire Lord's Lover - Kathryne Kennedy I'm reluctant to give this one 3 stars. It's not that it's a bad book; just that it doesn't work for me. I'm not sure - the last series I read by this author had the same issue. They're historicals but they're fantasy. And...I'm just not sure I like my historical mixed with fantasy. Actually, for the most part, I prefer my fantasy set in another realm.

So the H/h are married near the beginning. The synopsis hints that she's supposed to take her husband out too but there's never any indication that she is supposed to do this, and indeed, most of her thoughts in regard to him are in trying to win his favor. Naturally, because in this world, elves are painted as incapable of feeling deeper emotions like oh, say, affection, he's coming off as a cold bastard, not that it works. And eventually, he can't maintain his facade and his father (who is a cold bastard) decides to kill him and make her watch. Not a very bright thing to do since she's a trained assassin. In any case, the majority of the book is him trying to keep her at arms length and her not letting him, all with an insane elf watching to see if she succeeds.

Now if someone would explain to me why they put such an effeminate character on the cover. I spent most of the book rebelliously picturing the crazy elf from Hellboy II as the H (without the strange scarring of course).