The Lord of Illusion - Kathryne Kennedy Am still not fond of messing with history.

Problem number 1 with series in general - there are *7* stories that could have been told, our author picked 3.
Problem number 2 with series in general - the time frame involved.

The problems only show up in THIS book because stories 1 and 2 were in sequence. In the years since story 2, there've been 2 new stories (that we only get hints of), and during story 3, another takes place (but we only see the results), and story 7 is just kinda hanging there, like the lost elf-man who should star in it. Since we can only guess at the ages of various people at the time their story takes place, we know at this point that the characters in book 2 are in their 50-60's. No idea how old the H in book 1 was to start with but one assumes 70s in this book. So...40+ years. That's rather a long span there. Most authors would have written 6 books and maybe a novella or something for the poor guy left to his own devices. This kinda left me with an unsatisfied feeling, as if I'd missed half the story somewhere.

The big ending... well, fortunately for me, I have a tendency to read the ending, many times, especially if a story is giving me difficulty. You almost need that to really visualize what the author is trying to describe, and I still find it a bit murky.

At least the elf on the cover of this one didn't make me cringe.