Penelope & Prince Charming  - Jennifer Ashley Observation - this sort of tale has been told before - Devereaux did, Lindsay did... True, they didn't have mages to assist in taking the stray supposed princess back to the imaginary European country. That was different. But still... there must be SOMEthing to elevate this one above others with the same basic theme. Sigh;; the thing that was mentioned in the synopsis, which had the potential for some amusement, was pretty much glossed over in favor of time limits and dramatics. And then there were the kink episodes. Ok authors, we sort of expect weird stuff in PNR but what appears to be good ol' fashioned regencies? No; the addition of mages doesn't excuse it.

So now that I've complained about things that would be expected in erotica appearing in an apparently innocuous historical, and made mention that a) there's nothing really "special" about the basics, and b) the author wasted an opportunity, I'll add that the H was a smooth talker who pretty much got his way no matter what, thus providing the opportunity for the author to just toss the h's reluctance to wed out the window. The h, who intended to remain a spinster, seemed to just...go along... with whatever the H said. And only one person in the whole book questioned the H with regards of his ID, his intentions toward the h, his foreign marriage practices, etc. So err... even if there was a H who was a foreign prince, the likelihood of THIS sort of story happening *this* way is hard to believe.