Highlander Ever After - Jennifer Ashley Alrighty then... There are some v. funny bits in here. The issue I have with this is the h is telepathic. Now, I have nothing against a telepathic character. However, I do have a problem with authors writing the telepathic character as being too nice to just trample through every brain wave around him or her until their maid/valet/footman/neighbor has practically pulled a gun on them/coshed them in the head and (after tying them up) monologued them to death, etc. Hello= Closing barn door after horse has escaped and serviced half the mares in the neighborhood will not redeem the idiot responsible.

Growl. Hiss. Spit.

At least it wasn't as bad as the first one where the h all but fell over with her legs in the air after the reader had been reminded by her and the narrative, repeatedly, that she was a hard sell.