The Marine Next Door - Julie Miller Ok, Ms Miller's long-running series flies in the face of the series going on too long theory. Somehow, possibly because she visits family, friends, co-workers, and possibly because the books are short so she doesn't run out of things to say, she's managed to keep this series going through over 20 books.

So we meet our H, whose sister was the h in the previous book, and who'd been the partner of one of the original h's ages ago. He's dealing with the loss of a leg, and assorted issues stemming from having been in Afghanistan. And we meet our h, a desk sergeant with her own set of issues stemming from having been married to an abusive rapist. And her ex is back.

There were some things near the end that I *really* thought the h was dumb about. Like, she gets off from work, her vehicle has been vandalized by her ex, she gets someone from the police dept to take her home and... she doesn't get him to see her to her apt(!). I don't know about you, but if I were being stalked, and I knew the man had access to my apt (long story there), I would NOT go home alone. Ever. Well, at least until the bastage was dead. I was also more than a little surprised that the h hadn't had more intensive self defense training under the circumstances.

IN spite of the issues though, the book was decent.