When Darkness Comes - Alexandra Ivy Observation the first, the average (and this is pretty much average) PNR novel is a glorified romantic suspense only with werewolves and vampires.
Observation the second, the phoenix is generally written as sexless in legend.

So ok, here we go; our h is a mouthy, disagreeable, stubborn chick who is, thanks to her boss's messing with powers she should have left alone, now possessed by the phoenix. Uh...yeah. And the phoenix is referred to (by witches) as a goddess. right. And our H is charged with protecting the person possessed by the bird. And here we go, running around like chickens w---oh, right. Phoenixes with our heads chopped off, trying not to be killed by those who want the phoenix out of this world, trying to evade the psychotic witches' attempt to what- control a goddess? (excuse me while I laugh hysterically at the arrogance there, because you KNOW these fools are gonna die at the hands of said goddess) See what I mean though? Average rom-susp. has someone after the h, the H trying to keep her alive, and them both running like hell, only to kill off the baddies at the OK corral 10 pages from the end.

Oh, and if I have to read one more time about the H's alabaster skin, somebody's gonna die. At least he doesn't sparkle.