Embrace The Darkness - Alexandra Ivy At least this time the H had ivory skin. Huh. So since the next one is about an ancient Aztec, does this mean he has petrified wood skin? No?

Please authors, stop with the random gemstone alliterations when referring to a character's skin tone. It was bad enough to find one described as marble alabaster (particularly when one realizes that alabaster is a generic term used for both gypsum and calcite, two very soft minerals). Now we got someone described as having skin the color of an elephant tusk. Is that a live elephant or a piece stored in somebody's jewelry box? Ivory does yellow when kept in the dark. Oh right; these are VAMPIREs. Silly me. Of COURSE they mean the yellowed, discolored kind. Oh. You mean they mean the white, newly carved kind?

So about the story... same old, same old. Vampire (male) spots female he begins obsessing over, gets her in his clutches, realizes someone else wants her for more sinister reasons, seduces her while keeping one step ahead of the bad guys...

Ok, what I don't understand is this; in book one of the series, we have a h who is possessed by a spirit who can like, wipe out all demons (including vampires). Our H/h are hiding in this couple's residence and...are driven out of this house by... various critters who can be fried with a thought by this woman. Why? Are we stupid? Well, yeah; the H does a bit of self-flagellation there because he let themselves be driven into a trap. Still... Is this what we have to look forward to with the whole series; H/h take up refuge in house with possessed woman, get run out by the possibility of attack of residence by beings who have no chance in hades of surviving a battle with the spirit, and get caught by the bad guys? Good God I hope not, else one or more of these books will surely hit the wall.