Beyond the Darkness - Alexandra Ivy Well, that's new - a zombified werewolf possessed by a dark demon of some sort. Of course, conveniently, the one character in this series who really could whip his ass is blocked by a cave-in and never mentioned again. I assume she got out. Well, of course she did since the rest of the party did. Bah; what good is having an all-powerful Sue if she's never used.

At least our h had actually done training so her being able to fight wasn't so... eyebrow raising. Beyond that, werewolf meets werewolf. Werewolf realizes werewolf is his mate, running commences, bad nasty smelly zombie dude pops up, fighting commences, more running, more fighting. Inevitable "I've had enough of this!" moment arrives, travel to bad nasty's home turf, confront. Partial success, retreat for regroup, confront again. Voila! All done now.

Writer is somewhat formulatic.

Oh, and the cover is just stupid.