Bound By Darkness - Alexandra Ivy AH; finished with the series- for now (whether I pick up the next installment remains to be seen).

And...once again, the one person who really could defeat the Dark Lord (gah; where's Frodo?) is MIA. Rather ridiculous you know. It's like another author whom I shall not name introducing a female who is a teacher and who worked on the suicide hotline and then not having said female help a somewhat suicidal male with drug issues. What is the point of her existence if you aren't going to bring her out to play?

And the story? Same old, same old; H/h appear ill suited, spend a large portion of the book in de nile, eventually realize that certain rituals will bind them to each other, give in to instincts to complete said rituals just before going into final Battle to Save the World. Survive Battle to Save the World (that they were convinced that they would not). Voila!: the end.

Also, the cover does NOT fit with the rest of the series - it's glossy and has this irritating holographic imprinting that makes it difficult to read the text.