In The Flesh (Soul Series #1) - Julia Rachel Barrett Where to start? Oh; the notion that a Dr who also ran a ranch would volunteer to overwork herself at the office? While neglecting her animals? She thinks briefly about perhaps getting a motel instead of trying to drive back in a blizzard and only briefly thinks of her horses. Ah... Yeah... All this time I was thinking "who is going to feed your horses, you dumb twat?" Indeed, it's only the last two or three chapters that it's revealed that there are even ranch hands at all, and apparently all these varmints' care has been falling on *two* men while she plays hero at the hospital God knows how far away.

No; I did not care for the heroine.

Then there's the feeling that the H is an angel. Uh...isn't that how some of the angels fell?

Finally, there's the KISA ending - the H has gone home but we'll pull out a look-alike substitute so all is well.

Supposedly, this is a sequel. I don't know if I have the first one, but I really don't care.