Last Night's Scandal - Loretta Chase When last we saw Olivia and Lisle, they were a couple of teen/preteens in Lord Perfect. Normally, this would bother me as I *really* don't like reading about my H/h's childhood as it happens. Much as my kids would prefer to believe that my personal H and I are sexless drones, I would rather not know about my kids' love lives, nor any other kids I know very well. Fortunately, Ms Chase has kept me wonderfully in the dark about those intervening years. Therefore, while I *know* about these two, I don't know *too* much about them.

So we have Olivia, dramatic as always, and we have Lisle, stodgy as always. And we have a tale where opposites attract and complement each other rather than irritating the reader. And we have a couple of bumbling blockheads for one villain, and a couple of drama queen parents for the other. Nothing dangerous; just things that need dealing with.