In Over Her Head (Tritone Trilogy #1) - Judi Fennell My initial reaction was "cute". Then the h started to grate on me. Ok, I get that she dated a loser. I get that she freaked out about something in the water at age 8. What I don't get really is why she freaked out at running into a couple of mer kids. That really doesn't say much for her intestinal fortitude. So now she's swimming around under water. With one of the kids. All growd up. And she still has issues.

The H, being the second son of mer royalty, has legs. He's also mortal. So in a move of self- sacrifice *for her*, he inadvertently gains both fins and immortality. And she has issues with this. So we're treated to her refusing contact (eye or otherwise) with him as long as they're underwater and he has fins. He self-sacrifices *again*. NOW she realizes she's shallow. Uh... no, I'd say specist or.

He gives up fins and immortality for her, HEA.