Wild Blue Under - Judi Fennell Well...this was an improvement over the first whose h had me gritting my teeth. OTOH, the H's steadfast refusal to explain anything until they got to the ocean (from Kansas?!) was irritating, and the h not putting him through the wringer for that, unbelievable. Yeah; someone appears, insists that I go to the ocean half a continent away, has a talking seagull with him, and won't explain the whole story while every bird in the state is dropping things on my car as we're going on said road trip? Can you say, pull into car wash, and say "we aren't leaving here until you tell me what the %$#! is going on"?

The irony is that Zeus and co deny him his fins when he DOES get to the water and attempts to demonstrate what he refused to tell; they just don't tell him that his being a stickler for the rules was why he (temporarily) lost his fins.