Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning Alrighty then...

5 chili peppers on the heat index
4 on the hot H index (he shared her!! After they'd been in a relationship over a month!)
3 on the intelligent h index (it takes more than a simple name change and relocation to discourage a stalker)
3 on plot - a grant to research groupies? Really?

Minor quibbles (ok, not so minor with me) tongues going anywhere near the icehole, followed by in-depth tonsil hockey (Do you KNOW where that tongue has BEEN!?!?) Euuugh. Also lack of care with regards double dipping. It was fingers, to be sure, but still. And then there's the unsanitary tossing of used toys in a handy drawer for next time - no washing necessary apparently even though one was a butt plug and the other a vibrating ring.

Ok, so it got a 1 on the sanitary sex scale, and since these were garden variety humans (pretty funny when you consider the H was a rock star), that's a biggie. (vampiresses after all, don't have to worry about yeast infections)