Predestined - R. Garland Gray As fantasies go, this is v. good. One just must keep in mind that there will be some semblance of purple prose. Rather fitting I suppose, seeing as how the H has amethyst eyes.

So the H has some sort of weird... mating thing whereupon he delivers a glorified hickey to the chosen mate's jaw. Well and good except that... he's somewhat under a spell, therefore the mate may not be the mate. Clear as mud, right? So essentially, that's what the book is about - his falling for her, trying to claim her without getting the faeries POed at him (since he must needs have their approval for his choice of mate), all the while dodging dear old dad who blew it when HE was supposed to claim a faery mate, and a cousin who has suddenly decided HE should be THE ONE.

The cover is the real weakness of this book - the dude's head looks like someone who (still) resides in his mother's basement, the body looks decidedly fake, and the "markings" look like someone squiggled on the book with a metallic Sharpie.