Fey Born: Book Two in the Fairy (Faith) Series - R Garland Gray Reread it. Cover still bemuses me (and is why I bought it in the first place - WHAT could possibly have earned this poor book such a ridiculous cover)

highlights - H waking to discover h drooling in his navel.

H is... fey born. He prefers to live amongst mortals because... we have emotions and things. And then there's Alana - the h. He's attracted to her. He follows the advice of the ancient druidess to lure her away for a higher purpose, at some point the hand fast is consummated even though she's destined for a higher purpose and supposed to be pure. He loses his wings (which was just as well because I can't take a grown man seriously wearing butterfly wings), and eventually she meanders back to him. Voila' HEA.