Saving Gracie: How One Dog Escaped the Shadowy World of American Puppy Mills - Carol Bradley Ok, I've had this book for some time. I was given a copy, either by my MIL, or the author herself as she's a relative. So I picked it up, noted it's personalized, and decided what the hay; I'd read it.

I've read, over the years, an assortment of these types of books. Most of them though are a bit more...cohesive. This one reminded me quite a bit of the book detailing the fall of Calumet stables - lots of investigative reporting related, but not essential to the story. In this case, while there's a central theme - the dog eventually named Gracie, there's a whole lot on the history of puppy mills, a state government's attempt to correct it, bits of reporting on unrelated cases where mill owners got off with slaps on the hand, etc. IOW, if you really just want to read about Gracie, you skim a lot.

I suppose my reading this comes at an interesting time - the feds are attempting to pass regulations that force anyone who has more than 4 dogs, or any intact dog over the age of 4 months, have a kennel license (well, there are other things buuut). Some of these large scale breeders have 3-400 dogs. How do you care for that many dogs? Any fool should be able to handle 4, and some congenital defects don't show up until much later than 4 months. (what are they thinking!?)

But I degress... while the story of Gracie, and the reports of the puppy mill conditions are disturbing and sad, this really isn't anything I haven't read before.