White Fells - R. Garland Gray Ok, now that I've finished the series, I can collect my thoughts. There are some niggling issues related to the author's style. How to put it... An attempt to dramatize an event by making paragraphs out of descriptive words and v. short sentences. An example:

Her heartbeat increased.
The enemy.
Not her!

This book had more of these than the previous books. Kinda irritating. The prose was a bit more... Well, there was the sentence "He wanted her begging and convulsing as his root invaded her cave" Yeah.

So now that I've dissed the *style*, I shall rate the book.

The h was a warrior princess from another culture - invader actually. The H was a descendent from a mix of fairy and... who knows what else. He could control the wind. He let himself be captured by her people in order to help the old druidess from previous books escape (she'd been captured too). He did escape, and took the h with him. A good portion of the book is of them on the run from a sleaze ball from her people. She fell for him, saved his life, etc. All in all, the book was good. It would have been better if some editor had gotten rid of cave and root references - and those dramatic short sentence/paragraph things.