How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days (Otherworldly Men, Book 3) - Susan Grant Reread. I really like this one. It was the first one by the author I ever read, and I picked it up several times and debated over whether to purchase it or not. I finally caved, and am glad I did. (the rest of the series, wasn't as good, I thought). a homemaker. I can relate. Her ex dumped her because she wasn't exciting or a bean pole (also known as her ex was a douchebag) Eriff, or Reef, as he's called, is much like the characters in a certain highly popular video game series. He was conscripted as a child, and turned into a cyborg. His central computer was removed between the first book and this one, so he's learning to be pseudo normal. (as an aside, what genius thought it a great idea to put the central computer in the ARM?! Lose the arm, you lost the computer. Ooops.)

He was attracted to her pictures in spite of his central computer's attempt at mind control. Meeting her (without the pesky computer playing chaperone) intensifies the effect, and it's mutual.

The mob bit was almost unnecessary - it facilitated their actual meeting, but there were only brief glimpses of it later. More interesting was the police and their desire for revenge (happenings in first book), the rescuing of him by the National Guard, and of course, the whole thing with the Headmaster (although I wondered what they did with his body - chop it up and feed it to the eels?)

So why isn't it a 5 star for me? Because I did wonder why there was even mention of the mob.