Warrior - Zoe Archer On the plus side of this new series, high adventure and, eventually, romance. On the negative side, if you aren't in the mood for high adventure... it's hard to force yourself to read about it.

On the less believable side, a commoner ends up with an officer's rank (historically, they were purchased by the wealthy for second sons, etc), and... he's tall, exceedingly good looking, and educated (that commoner's father was a coal miner. Say what?!). That would have worked better if he'd been American.

But then, we are dealing with a series that bases its world on the notion that most every religion/culture/whatever has some magical device that can be used to bad guys to overthrow countries.

At least, they aren't after the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant.

Did I like it? yes. Was I in the mood for it though? Not really.