Rebel - Zoe Archer I struggled with this one. Really, I made serious inroads on a beading project, voluntarily did housework, and occasionally contemplated the meaning of life in avoidance. Why?

Well, consider this: 5 years ago, the h's husband was killed while they were on a mission. She promptly retreats into herself, and after a year, relocates herself from Merry Olde England to the Canadian wilderness. Where she remains. 130 pages more or less into the book, she's still keeping the H at arms's length, giving the appearance of having no personality, and all her inner monologue seems to be a)mourning her late husband b)denying that she felt *anything* at all and c) resenting the fact that her erogenous zones have noticed the H is there.

There's a near disaster while canoeing down rapids, followed by a heavy make out session. She attempts business as usual after they finish, and he refuses to allow it. From this point on, they're either on their BIg Adventure, or...having sex. Um...Ok. So all it took to get her to snap out of it was adrenaline sex after a canoe wreck. Huh. Maybe he should have done that earlier so we, the readers, wouldn't have had to listen to her inner monologue.