The Guy Next Door - Victoria Dahl, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan Typical anthology rating as it's rare for them to be consistent.

Anyway, Foster's proffering was pretty much normal for her - musclebound alpha bagging his mate. At least hers rarely make you want to kill them.

Second author's story was pretty good after I got past the notion of a high school kid wanting to go off to the beach alone on spring break. Ran that by my daughter. She laughed. Loudly. That the mom took the kid and her best friend to Key West and turned them loose was frankly, disturbing. The saving grace I suppose is that the kid noticed her mom and the neighbor and spent spring break worrying too much about what her mom was up to to get into any mischief. And since when does spring break last long enough to spend 10 days at the beach?

The third one? Ahh... excuse me while I hiss and spit. It's not a complete story. That's right; it's the intro to a series and presumably the tale gets wrapped up in the LAST BOOK!!! I'll have to see if any of them are out. mutter. I feel as if I've been had.