The Lady is a Vamp - Lynsay Sands V. good. I admit that I'd have rather gotten a better feel for Jeanne Louise before her book - what little I remember of her from previous encounters was of an uptight female person who occasionally appeared to remind us that she existed but never really participated. Then again, maybe that's fitting.

So the whole kidnapping thing quickly turned into her wanting very much to be with him. Then disaster struck and she had to use her one turn for someone else so inevitably she started making him feel inadequate. Strange that, as we've had several other stories featuring an immortal female/mortal male without this becoming an issue. Then again, they were never in a position that they couldn't turn their mate so maybe that's why.

Minor quibbles - the bottles used in water dispensers are 5 gallon. A 20 gallon bottle would need a cart (20x8=160 pounds). Besides, I have a dispenser myself so I regularly lug the things.

Also, from time to time, the author gets stuck on a word - a few books ago, then was overused - this time, it's not so much a word as a need to describe how someone is speaking. Of course, I saw solemnly entirely too many times.