Savor the Danger - Lori Foster Uh Huh. So why does this one get a low rating compared to the previous two? It's simple. I could not relate to the h at all, and the scene near the end made me actively dislike her.

So her problem is...

Big brother has mollycoddled her since their parents died. So she's spoiled.
Big brother is a big, bad mercenary who has, over the years, made enemies.
Big brother, in his infinite wisdom, kept her in the dark as much as he could (read, defenseless)
Big brother made enemies.
Enemies, as enemies will, target vulnerabilities - spoiled little sisters who have never had to defend themselves, for example.
Upon her rescue (the beginning of the first book), Big brother wrapped her in another level of bubble wrap.

So, our h, because of her experience, is a spineless jellyfish who hates guns, violence, etc., and has not even taken the initiative to, oh I dunno, sign up for a self-defence course at the Y. Yet she doesn't want H, brother, and friend guarding her when trouble arises in the form of an enemy of the hero (who roofied him, then left when she showed up, so she got to experience the full complement there). Yeah; you don't want bodyguards hovering around, go take kung fu lessons, and stop pissing yourself at the sight of a gun.

Our H did himself no favors by coming on to her so strong near the beginning of the book (and for a woman who was so skittish about relationships, she sure jumped in the sack with him quickly after that).

And then near the end of the book, they both essentially railroad a young woman who is capable of defending herself into cowering right alongside our spineless h. I'm not sure which I dislike more - spineless heroines or chauvinistic heroes.