The Bride to Not to Be - Debbi Rawlins Ok, this is line the second commune raised h I've run across and neither one has exactly endeared herself to me. The other was a self-righteous, sanctimonious cow. This one is just a neurotic, overbearing, meddling control freak. (in the beginning, she could't help it; she just had to stop by the caterers *to her shower* to check on preparations.) She's decided she wants the perfect American household - big house, perfect husband, 2.5 kids, dog, white picket fence - and she's railroaded the boy next door into being the husband. Only, he isn't really interested in her that way (I couldn't help wonder if everyone was related to everyone else, btw - small town). Not that he's actually told her - half the town seems to be intimidated by her, to be honest. So she takes it upon herself to check on how the house is going - the house that *he's* supposed to be in charge of - and meets our H. Most of the book is of these two attempting to avoid each other, and failing miserably. The fiancé makes 1 appearance - and goes out of town again a few days later. Eventually, the H/h have this brilliant idea of having a business meeting in a neighboring town - to discuss the house of course (which isn't going to get done in time, much to her displeasure) - he drives, his vehicle quits, the neighboring town has all their motels filled with tour groups, they find two rooms, she gives hers up to a stranded honeymooning couple, and they share a room and all that entails, naturally. Go home the next day, she breaks it off with fiancé (much to his relief - guess he really wanted to wear the pants in his relationships. Hahah!), a week or so goes by, H buys unfinished house from now-ex fiancé (who is probably contemplating leaving town - I would), proposes to h, voila! HEA.

My thoughts? The whole premise is stupid. Why on earth would you badger a friend into marrying you if you hadn't so much as dated (they sure didn't date in the book as far as I could see)? Intimacy? Hah! Not so much as a lip lock. Seriously, she asked fiancé for a kiss, he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Moment of bemusement: h has always known she'd marry Gary (the whipped fiancé who has never done anything more intimate with her than hold hands maybe and give her a peck on the cheek). Always. So if she's always known that, and she's never slept with Gary, who DID she sleep with (in this 2-horse town, everyone knows everyone else.) She had the thought once that it had been a long time with regards of intimacy.