Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh Alright, I'm gonna get this off my chest: I positively hate the deux ex macheata deatha angle. You know - the one where the character - usually the h - dies or nearly dies only to be brought back by some conveniently new power or other trickery. Most authors can't pull it off, and the ones that do still manage to annoy the snot out of readers.

This book is no exception. So near the end, when it finally sinks in that the venus mind trap someone foisted off on the h is a) unstoppable and b) going to kill her, we go through pages of gut-wrenching, tear-jerking misery, only, within hours of the H's intent to pull the plug, to have a couple of kids, one with a conveniently new psy-talent, to show up and save the day. Bonus - the h still remembers everything.

A) In every single case where a psy has fallen for someone conveniently on another psychic web (other than sky, they've established, whether they know it or not, a mental bond with the lover and... the second they cut ties with psynet, they get realigned with the new web. We know this.

B) the venus mind trap only works on psynet.

C) there's an Arrow who helped with a youngster with the power to kill, why did it never occur to them to call upon him for this?

Oh I know (sarcastically) we wanted to drag out the DRAMA a bit longer.

Two more pb books to go and I'm through with this series. Just hope I can manage without throwing one against the wall.