Burning Up (Berkley Sensation) -  'Meljean Brook',  'Virginia Kantra', 'Angela Knight', Nalini Singh More like 3.5 stars but close enough.

So the first story - part of the Psy-Changeling series (which is why I read it, since I'm slogging through said series) is technically a prequel but only a bit of news copy tells you that (I didn't read the little thing at the beginning). Since it was published around the same time Play of Passion came out, I was a bit...lost because most of the characters you meet are already mated. Eh, the story was short and uncomplicated, the H didn't spend the first 4th of the story contemplating murdering his h, etc.

Next was a totally random vampire/sorceress entry from Angela Knight. Random because the symbiotic relationship between the H/h is a lot like the Mageverse series by same author, but this was fantasy in that it's not set in our world.

Then Virginia Kantra reminded me why I still follow the Children of the Sea even if the total sociopath feel of the Selkies and Finfolk is a bit off putting. Fortunately, their meeting of the H or h always results in the discovery of an emotion chip, thus they aren't a total loss. In this one, Morgan's twin's story is told (and I wonder if I kept Morgan's book. Hmmm)

Last, a brief intro into Meljean Brook's pseudo-steampunk series. Interesting. The time period is never exactly given. I have the Iron Duke in my TBR pile(because everyone recommended it). If it's as good as the short here, I'll have to hunt the sequel.