Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh A) this is a long-ass book. B), I really, really hate when someone - usually the H - rebuffs an apparent mate prospect by being an ass (see How to Drive a Dragon Crazy)

Sooooo... what about it? Well, certain factions of the psy are trying to take out the other factions and they continue making war on the wolves/cats. In the meantime, the Human Torch falls for wolf boy... Oh wait... Yeah. Human Torch falls for wolf boy. More precisely, wolf boy finally stops being an ass and takes Human Torch up on it. All the other dogs/cats wander by, the psy launch an attack on the dogs/cats territory, Human Torch immolates them, wolf boy decides Human Torch is his mate after all, convenient miracle occurs that keeps Human Torch from frying everyone in the community (a mental fire suit, if you will), voila. Book over.

On a more serious note, Hawke's behavior irritated me. There was a strong sense of dog in a manger - no pun intended - and you know... I find myself at some point, wishing the h would or could leave. In this case, she'd find it difficult simply because she's a psy and needs the mental connection. So she's essentially trapped in a situation where he doesn't want to want her, and takes it out on her, yet won't let her move on. Not cool.

As an aside though, from a viewpoint of survival, it wouldn't make sense for an individual to only have one mate, ever. Maybe be only able to accept one, but there should be more than one potential, even if the changeling in question never ever ran across the others. So that didn't bother me. What does bother me (add it to the list eh?) is that Hawke and his parents as well, apparently, knew at first sight, yet others spend years in each others' company before being hit by Cupid's arrow of intense lust. Yeah... A little consistency, if you please.