Unchained - C. J. Barry Ah; verys good. A futuristic where people have comms and even can have them inserted in their person (as opposed to still using cell phones).

Ok. This book suffered from some formatting errors. I don't know if this is a common problem with this publisher but... chapters ended and began with maybe a couple of blank lines separating them. There was at least one instance where the chapter ended, a brief blank space existed, and the words Chapter__ were right on the bottom of the page.

Another slight issue - the synopsis on the back indicates the h's father was somehow responsible for the death of the H's dad, yet this was never mentioned in the book. In fact, the only mention of the H's father was that he beat the H when the H was a kid. Of course, there was also the almost casual revelation that the H's mother was beaten to death w/her killer never found. One other thing - the H has a competitor who has a spy on the H's ship. The H fires the spy, the competitor tries to force him to sign over his ship (and kill him), he's thwarted, and that loose end just flies off trying to find some treasure with bad info. It's like the author decided they liked the happenings with the thread, but didn't want it to further muddy up the story, so sent them on a wild goose chase w/no further appearance.

So on to the story, the h has grown up in isolation and one gets the feeling that the H is the first male she's seen in 10 years who wasn't old enough to be her grandfather. So was her attraction real chemistry, or just the reaction of a largely isolated woman to a physically fit male specimen? I *know* he was very attracted to her; I just wonder about her. Still, one could believe the emotions.

Heh; this is the first time I believe I've ran into the concept of a HUMAN male claiming an equally HUMAN female as his mate. Most of the time, that seems reserved for various not-quite-human characters.

All in all, not a bad read but... could have been tightened up a bit - or had parts expanded so the reader wasn't left wondering what was going to happen next. Perhaps the author intended another book after this. I don't know. Supposedly the 4 mass market publications are set in the same world but in the future (which, considering their overlap with our time, would make this one way in the past). All I know though is that this feels like there's something missing.