Breaking Point - Pamela Clare Alright, another one of those near-4 reads. Once again, an author does the whole near death experience to wrangle emotions. In this case, it's the H who has an NDE, usually the h gets to do the whole "dying on the ice" routine. Almost enough to make me hate Romantic Suspense. Yes; I'm grumpy.

So our H is a former SEAl with issues, our h is a reporter who managed to inadvertently trigger really bad nasty evile bad guys' need to kill. Some heroines in this series have managed to do this by being bull-headed and TSTL ::cough::Cara::cough:: This one just had the misfortune of investigating a child molester at a private school used for laundering money. She didn't even know WHY they wanted to kill her until near the end of the book when she stumbled across a picture on a website.

I found myself wondering while reading the last chapter/epilogue, most of the author's heroines seem to a) reproduce like rabbits, and b) find something less dangerous to do after their HEA is achieved. Why is that? The author working through issues/regrets or something?