Stargazer - Colby Hodge That's actually a bit generous - more like 2.5 maybe. Ok, I love futuristics. I love to see what new horizons authors have imagined. What I don't like is when I start reading a futuristic (or sometimes a fantasy) and get the feeling the author is making a half-assed attempt at re-imagining someone ELSE's horizons.

So we have a princess of a peaceful planet, heading for the Senate to plead her people's case against a blockade. Sound familiar? Yeah. She meets a man who is not supposed to exist, they land on a swamp planet (seriously?!), get away with the help of a smuggler, hide from the bad guys in the hidden smuggler's compartment, etc.

The man who isn't supposed to exist is a prince; he just doesn't know it. And he has the Schwartz errr Force. For real - he (and she) is telepathic and telekinetic.

It's like a bad mix of the Prequels, Star Trek, and Spaceballs. All we need is a little green man, and a hairy sidekick. Oh, and a lightsaber.

Too obvious man, way too obvious.