Highland Fling - Tess Mallory Ok. It's been a while since I read Highland Dreams, so I had to refresh my memory a bit as to who was who. Fortunately, I figured it out pretty quickly since I'm not sure where Highland Dreams is right off hand.

And then I remembered our H's little issue.

The premise is funny, although Chelsea wasn't in the previous book to any extent. She's shy, introverted and... Ok, I can relate, although I'm no where near as easy to railroad into things. That was something that made me not like the h and her other friend from the previous book. It was almost as if it never occurred to them that the h might have feelings. So they railroaded her into a trip to Scotland for a blind date (what - you can't arrange blind dates in Texas?). Oh, but this was a business deal (yeah; attempt to sell your friend as an escort. Riiiiight).

So the H/h, both somewhat awkward around the opposite sex, have difficulties - she because she has no self esteem (those friends of hers don't help any with their makeovers), and he because well, he gets nauseated at any personal physical contact.

This...continued on entirely too long. The H's issues made the h feel worse, and his prideful non-communication didn't help either.

The trip back into the 19th century to rescue Duncan felt entirely too contrived - they were there a week, in which he found his cousin, survived a hanging attempt, and the three of them managed to get back to the 21st century, all in less than half the book. Methinks it would have been better to have left Duncan's rescue to his own book, or made the book longer. The "week" they were there was nonstop running for their lives. Further, it was said to be 7 days, but they don't add up.

At least they made it back home. That 7 months had passed in the 21st century and the h from the previous book was due any day now added some humor.