Highland Rogue - Tess Mallory Hmmm... Ok, it seems that there was more time allotted for Ian's rescue than the H/h's relationship. Also seemed rushed in that she's declaring her love for him within a few days of meeting him.

Editing issue: there was a scene where the H was in bed, the h laid down on top of the covers, a discussion ensued where the H got up and walked around. The h wraps her arms around him, paces some herself, then asks if he's wearing anything under there. Before he can answer, she runs her hands under the covers to see, then gets off the top of the covers and crawls in bed with him. What....? I read this page twice to see if I missed something. It's almost like the author had added the conversation into a scene but forgot to adjust the characters' placement.

Another thing - the H asks the h if she knew that the bad guy had raped a certain girl. She says she suspected but didn't know for sure. Considering that the bad guy had told her himself... (yeah; bad guy could have been lying but why bother since he didn't fear reprisal)